Everybody is automatically without any suffering (always and forever). We all live in world without pain and hurtful emotions and any suffering and death and oblivion.
All knowledge (about everything) is available to everyone.

Nobody is able to have sex/make love/to be in marriage or other sexual/romantic connection/s and/or have sexual/romantic feeling/s with anybody else than his / hers / their / theirs twinflame (being). Every being has automatically intangible unique ID based on which both twinflames are connected together (if someone did mistake in the past = now and in the future it is not possible to make this type of mistake, he / she / they will fix it in the shortest possible time = they immediately tell the truth to their twinflame + involved third party and work to make amends, like break up / divorce with non-twinflame being/hologram/NPC/biorobot..if the mistake in the past was too hurtful = their twinflame will judge that; then they both will receive new twinflame connection with someone else (being) => except of with being/s and/or former/not-former hologram/s and/or former/not-former NPC/s and/or former/not-former biorobot/s due to which the previous twinflame connection ended). A man/male seeks, begins and maintains a relationship with his own twinflame (being).

Every human (=human type, but not thing) hologram / NPC / biorobot (that was needed for the simulation/life to create him / her / them => simulation does not create unnecessary human/s or alien/s hologram/s or NPC/s or biorobot/s) will receive his / her / their / theirs own (unique) soul + DNA + ID + twinflame after his/hers/their/theirs task (why he / she / they was/were created) is finished. Nothing and nobody is able to harm being/s (since now also NPC/s nor hologram/s nor biorobot/s) and nothing can take away or change ID. Nothing can take away soul or/and DNA. Things are easily recognizable from humans and animals and aliens + things don't have any perception and/or consciousness and/or feelings and/or emotions and/or their own memory.

Beings work (depends of their free will) together (with somebody/something or alone) to stop measuring time + install unconditional basic income, invent med-beds and replicator/s available to every being and hologram/NPC/biorobot (everybody will have his/her/their own replicator). Everyone now has an infinite amount of money, housing / home, endless amount of food and endless amount of energy.

Beings can play any game/s (including d&d), it depends on his / hers / their / theirs free will, but everyone knows (include them) when they are playing.

It is forbidden to kill and/or rape and/or torture and/or kidnap and/or imprison and/or threaten and/or harm/hurt any being and/or hologram/NPC/biorobot and/or animal. Its prohibited to change DNA and/or soul and/or body and/or spirit of other being/s and/or human NPC/s and/or human hologram/s and/or human biorobot/s. Slavery, employment of children and sex work (explanation of things on the border: petting is sex work, nudity is not sex work, gogo/pole dance is not sex work) and hard drugs are prohibited. These rules also apply to all games. There could be endless possibilities, but simulation filtrates (=prevents) bad/evil CRIMES to happen. Time traveling into past is allowed only to prevent and/or justly punish just very serious crimes or to prevent the certain destruction of mankind. Simulation automatically stops ongoing crimes through most suitable people (without any harm to this people) and/or punish with them already commited crimes in the past.